Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Week of Nov. 30th - Dec. 4th

****MAPS Testing Wednesday and Thursday Charge those chromebooks**** 


Monday: Africa Notes (peardeck)

Tuesday: Africa Edpuzzle





Monday: Phases 1.1

Tuesday: Phases 1.2

Wednesday: Phases 1.3

Thursday: Phases 1.4

Friday: Phases 1.5


Monday: Research Paper Government and economy notes

Tuesday: Research Paper Society Notes





Monday: M.2 Lesson 17 (Homework: pg.213 all, pg.217 #'s 1 and 3)

Tuesday: M.2 Lesson 18 (pgs. 219-221 in class) (Homework: pg231 #'s 1-3 and Video on Canvas to watch at least the first 9 minutes)

Wednesday: Finish up lesson 18 and Practice Day on Algebraic Expressions  (Homework: worksheets )

Thursday: M.2 Lesson 19 (Homework: )

Friday: Practice with writing equations and expressions (No homework)

Monday, November 23, 2020

November 23-27

**** No School Wednesday 11/25th - 11/27th ****


Monday: Political and Physical Maps of Africa

Tuesday: Maps are Due!!!!

Mrs. Palser's Weekly Calendar


Monday: Research Countries (Geography Notes)

Tuesday:  Research Continued (People Notes)

Mr. Fong's Weekly Calendar

English: (7th Period)

Monday: Chapters 1-2 and Questions

Tuesday: Research Paper is Due and "K" writing is due

Mr. Fong's Weekly Calendar


Monday: Mineral Lab

Tuesday: Rock uses Lab

Mr. Kluver's Weekly Calendar 


Monday: Test over lessons 10-16 (on Edulastic)

Tuesday: Quizizz (%/Decimals/Fractions) and worksheet on integer operations

Mrs. Evans' Weekly Calendar


Accelerated Math: 

Monday: Wrap up test and Integer practice and notes

Tuesday: Integer operation tournament

Mrs. Evans' Weekly Calendar

Monday, November 16, 2020

Week of November 16th -20th


Monday: Mali, Kuwait

Tuesday: South Africa, Mongolia

Wednesday: Japan, Iceland, Thailand

Thursday: Samoa, Haiti, U.S.A

Friday: Wrap Up

Mrs. Palser's Weekly Calendar


Monday: Quotation marks and apastraphies

Tuesday: Study Guide

Wednesday: Review Study Guide

Thursday: Test over punctuation

Friday: Research Paper Introduction

Mr. Fong's Weekly Calendar

Enlgish (7th Period):

Monday: Final days of notes for research paper

Tuesday: Construct Work Cited pages

Wednesday: Typing/Work Day 

Thursday: Typing /Work Day

Friday:  Typing/Work Day ABC "k" writing is Due!!! 

Mr. Fong's Weekly Calendar


Monday: Rock Lab Activity

Tuesday: Lab Continue and Test Study Guide

Wednesday: Test

Thursday: Test Overview and Rock Uses activity

Friday: Rock Uses Activity continued

Mr. Kluver's Weekly Calendar 


Monday: M.2 Lesson 14 

Tuesday: M.2 Lesson 15

Wednesay: M.2 Lesson 16

Thursday: Review Day

Friday: Review Day

Mrs. Evans' Weekly Calendar

Accelerated Math:






Monday, November 9, 2020

Week of Nov 9th - 13th

 ***** No School Friday November 13th******


Monday: Review Day

Tuesday: Culture, Population, Government, Economy and Religion Test

Wednesday: Intro to Material World

Thursday: Bhutan, Cuba, Mali


Monday: End marks and Sentence types

Tuesday: Capitalization 

Wednesday: Commas

Thursday: Colons and Semi-colons

English (7th Period):

Monday: Research Paper Overview

Tuesday: Draw Country and Start note taking

Wednesday: Note taking

Thursday: Note taking Continued "J writing is Due"


Monday: Integer Review Day (Check Canvas for the assignment and what to do)

Tuesday: M.2 Lesson 12- Dividing Integers(Check Canvas for video )Homework: Pg. 149 All

Wednesday: M.2 Lesson 13-Converting Between Fractions and Decimals(See Canvas for Video) Homework: Pg. 157 

Thursday: Integer Jail Break (Google form check Canvas)

Accelerated Math:

Monday: M.3 Lesson 16 (Check Canvas for video later this afternoon) Homework: pg. 217 All

Tuesday: M.3 Lesson 17 (See Canvas for video) Homework: pg. 225 and 229 #'s: 1-8

Wednesday: M.3 Lesson 18 (See Canvas for Video) Homework: pg. 243 All

Thursday: Mini Quiz on Circles


Monday: RT 3.3 Rock Cycle Worksheet Due

Tuesday: RT 3.4 

Wednesday: Scientific argument work Day (Argument is Due Friday!!)

Thursday: Rock Cycle Lab Chp 3 DN Due

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

November 2nd - 6th


Monday: Form of Government

Tuesday: Economic Systems

Wednesday: Demographic Comparison

Thursday: Government and Economy WS

Friday: Religion Notes


Monday: Complex Sentences

Tuesday: Complex Sentences

Wednesday: Study Guide

Thursday: Go over Study Guide

Friday: Sentence Structure Test

English (7th Period):

Monday: Capitalization

Tuesday: Commas

Wednesday: Colons/Semi-Colons

Thursday: Apostrophes/Quotation marks

Friday: Test and "I "writing Due


Monday: RT 2.4, Lab worksheet 2.3

Tuesday: RT Critical Juncture, GimKit

Wednesday: RT 2.6

Thursday: RT3.1  (Chapter 2 DN, Lab worksheet 2.3 Due!!!)

Friday: RT 3.2 


Monday: Lesson 8 (on Great Minds Insync video)--Homework: Problem Set Lesson 8 #'s 3,7,8 and 

     IXL's:  Grade 7 H.10, H.11 to 85% Due on Wednesday

Tuesday: Review Lesson 8 and work on IXL's (homework: )

Wednesday: Lesson 9 (Add/Subtract Integers with Properties)--Homework: Pg.  115 #'s 1-4 and Make your Cheat Sheet 1/2 sheet of colored paper.

Thursday: Test over lessons 5-9

Friday:  Multiply/Divide Integers

Accelerated Math (9th):

Monday: Solving one and two step inequalities--Homework: IXL's

Tuesday: Review Day on angels and inequalities

Wednesday: Quiz Angles, solving equations, and inequalities

Thursday: Finish Quiz on edulastic --Pythagorean Theorem--Video to watch as homework

Friday: Pythagorean Theorem--Worksheet and Quizizz

Monday, October 26, 2020

Week of Oct. 26th - 30th


Monday: Developed Vs. Developing Countries

Tuesday: Culture Notes

Wednesday: Population and Culture worksheet

Thursday: Population and Culture quiz

Friday: Wrap Up


Monday: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Finish Story

Tuesday: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Test

Wednesday: RTT Movie

Thursday: Simple Sentece Notes (Homework: Sentence Structure HW 1)

Friday: Compound Sentence notes (Homework: Sentence Structure HW2)

English 7th Period:

Monday: Subordinating Conjunctions (HW: Sentence Structure HW 4)

Tuesday: Study Guide

Wednesday:Review Study Guide (ABC writing)

Thursday: Test

Friday: End Marks (ABC writing Due "I?"


Monday: Quiz M.2 Lesson 1-4 (Homework: Pgs. 51-52 in  math book see Canvas to fill in the table)

Tuesday: M.2 Lesson 5 (Homework: pg. 63-64 all

Wednesday: Stations (IXL's:   and finish worksheets)

Thursday: M.2 Lesson 6 (Homework: pg. 75 #'s: 1-8 

Friday: Kahoot/Review Day

Accelerated Math:







Monday:  RT 2.1 (New Chapter 2 Digital notebook )

Tuesday: RT 2.2 

Wednesday: RT 2.3

Thursday: RT 2.4

Friday: Lab Activity (Chapter 2 Digital notebook due Next Wednesday)

Monday, October 19, 2020

Week Oct. 19th - 23rd


Monday: 2nd Term Prep

Tuesday: Intro Population

Wednesday: Population Clock

Thursday: Population Vocab

Friday: $100 Race


Monday: Review Study Guides

Tuesday: Adverbs and Prepositions

Wednesday: Rikki Tikki Tavi Vocabulary

Thursday: Riki-Tikki-Tavi Questions in packet

Friday: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Questions in packet


Monday: Review (Homework ABC writing -"F")

Tuesday: Test Adverbs and Prepositions

Wednesday: Simple sentences notes

Thursday: Compound Sentences notes

Friday: Conjunction (ABC writing Due!!!)


Monday: 2nd Term Powerpoint (IXL's: B1, B.2, B.3, B.4, B.5 to 90%)

Tuesday: Module 2 (M.2) Lesson 1(Homework: pg. 11 #'s 1-5 )

Wednesday: M.2 Lesson 2 (Homework: pg.23-24 #'s: 1,3,4,5,7 )

Thursday: M.2 Lesson 3-4 (Homework: pg. 33-34 all)

Friday: Mini Quiz on adding integers work on Digital INB's

Accelerated Math:

Monday: Module 3 Lesson 4 Video on Great Minds Insync.  (Homework: on video)

Tuesday: M.3 Lesson 5 in class (Homework: pg. 61-62)

Wednesday: Finish Lesson 5 (Homework: pg 71-72 #'s 2-4)

Thursday: M.3 Lesson 6 and Lesson 7 (Homework: )



Monday: Rock Transformation Pre-Test

Tuesday: R.T. 1.2 (Homework: Chapter 1 Digital Notebook)

Wednesday: R.T. 1.3 (Homework: 1.3 Due Friday)

Thursday: R.T. 1.4 Rock Candy Activity

Friday: R.T. 1.5 (Homework 1.5 Due Tuesday 27th)